Saint John Volkswagen is located in Saint John, New Brunswick and serves as your Saint John Volkswagen dealer. We are also pleased to be serving customers throughout New Brunswick, including Sussex to St. Stephen, and Moncton to Fredericton, Grand Bay- Westfield, Oromocto, Moncton, Shediac to Newcastle & Bathurst as well as Truro, Halifax & Cape Breton in NS.


Saint John Volkswagen New Brunswick Pre-owned/ Used Vehicles in NB

If you are interested in New Brunswick (NB) pre-owned vehicles, make sure you check out SJ Volkswagen's pre-owned inventory. If you see a car you like, stop by Saint John Volkswagen's dealership and a member of the SJ VW team will gladly assist you.


View the Saint John Volkswagen New Vehicle Offers in NB

Saint John Volkswagen is located in Saint John, NB and serves as
your New Brunswick Volkswagen Dealer. Saint John Volkswagen (VW) is focused on ensuring all customers receive a premium Volkswagen experience. Browse our Saint John Volkswagen New Vehicle Offers.


View the Saint John Volkswagen Pre-owned/ Used Vehicle Offers in NB 

Visit our Pre-owned Specials for our selection of certified pre-owned vehicles (CPO) in NB. Has the Volkswagen you’ve fallen for been around the block? We’re very proud of that. And we want the feeling to last.



Learn More about the 2015 Saint John Volkswagen Tiguan in NB


The 2015 Saint John Volkswagen Tiguan SUV comes in a range of trim levels sure to suit your driving needs, also available in All Wheel Drive form (VW`s 4MOTION).




View the Saint John Volkswagen New Vehicle Showroom in NB


View all our new cars and SUV’s on our Showroom. We have a a great selection of all-new 2015 NB Volkswagen models to choose from.





Learn More about the 2015 Saint John Volkswagen Jetta in NB

Newly redesigned, the new VW Jetta in NB and Saint John is innovative, at a great price. On the road, and on budget. It's premium German engineering at a price engineered to get you moving in New Brunswick.



Learn More about the 2015 Saint John Volkswagen Golf in NB


The 2015 Saint John Volkswagen Golf is available in both 3-door and 5-door versions. Now in its seventh iteration it’s Volkswagen's best seller, worldwide. 




Learn More about the 2015 Saint John Volkswagen Passat in NB

The 2015 Saint John Volkswagen Passat is our luxury sedan. It is available in New Brunswick as a gas model, as a diesel, in a V6 form and also in the fastback version, the CC.




Learn More about the Saint John Volkswagen Technicians and Service Specialists in NB


Learn more about the NB technicians that can really take care of your Volkswagen and how you can maintain your Volkswagen at an authorized Volkswagen Service facility.


If you are looking for a new Volkswagen or Pre-Owned vehicle we guarantee we’ll have the new Volkswagen inventory to meet your needs. We have a variety of new VW’s and pre-owned vehicles in stock like the VW Eos, VW Golf, VW Golf Sportwagon, VW Golf GTI, VW Jetta, VW Jetta GLI & VW Jetta Turbo Hybrid, VW Beetle, VW Beetle Convertible & VW Beetle Classic, VW Passat, VW CC, VW Tiguan and the VW Touareg! If you don’t find the Volkswagen model you are looking for in the colour you want, feel free to contact Saint John VW and we will be happy to find it for you.

If you are interested in New Brunswick (NB) pre-owned vehicles, make sure you check out SJ Volkswagen's pre-owned inventory. If you see a car you like, stop in to Saint John Volkswagen’s new facility and a member of the SJ VW team will gladly assist you! Saint John VW knows you work hard for your money; our staff will make sure you get only the best Volkswagen products & services for your dollar by employing only top industry leaders to serve your Volkswagen needs! Our friendly Saint John Volkswagen Team is here to support you! Regardless of if you are in the market for Volkswagen Service, VW Parts , VW Accessories, or VW Sales why not set up your VW Service Appointment now and get the process started today? We can’t wait to meet you.


2015 Volkswagen Models
Are you looking for a new vehicle? Perhaps your lease is coming up and you’re in the market to investigate which new VW vehicle you should get into next. Whether your plan is to lease, finance, or trade in your current vehicle, Saint John VW will help you find the new vehicle best suited for your needs. Find us at 407 Rothesay Avenue! View our new line up online and start your research right.


2015 VW Golf
Form meets function. Fun ensues. Comfort, design, and performance went for a spin together. Available in a nimble 3-door model, the 2015 Golf is designed to drive you happy. But that’s only if German-engineered responsive performance is something you enjoy. Or if available sport leather seats and sport suspension sound appealing. Both practical and pleasurable, the 2015 VW Golf doesn’t just get you there, it also takes you away.



2015 VW Golf GTI
Buckle up. Then buckle down. Schnell. You don’t need to speak German to appreciate German-engineered performance. Find out what all the hype is about.



2015 VW Beetle
Powerful and sleek, the 2015 Beetle is all guts and glory. Totally redesigned, the icon returns more powerful than ever. Featuring a hair-raising 200 horsepower turbocharged engine and an available booming Fender® Premium Audio System, it’s clear that the 2015 VW Beetle brings it. So while it’s changed, its soul remains. Drive one at SJVW! The 2015 Beetle makes it official: performance has a whole new shape.


2015 VW Beetle Classic
The 2015 Beetle Classic features an iconic, retro-inspired look – right down to its 17" Heritage alloy wheels. It has a 170 horsepower, 1.8 TSI engine, coupled with a multilink rear suspension for more joy with your ride





2015 VW Jetta Turbo Hybrid
Featuring our most advanced BlueMotion™ Technologies to date, the 2015 Jetta Turbocharged Hybrid takes a big step forward while leaving a small footprint behind. Start-stop technology saves you fuel by shutting down the engine during complete stops and using the electric motor when coasting. Regenerative braking ingeniously converts the heat created by the vehicle into electricity that charges the battery.



2015 VW Golf Sportwagon
Leather seats, power sunroof, fog lights, engine block heater, and Bluetooth® mobile phone connectivity with voice activation are just a few features this golf can carry! It`s like a compact, fuel efficient SUV! Same type of space, small gas bill! Get yours @ SJVW.



2015 VW EOS
Meet the 2015 Eos: the only hardtop convertible in its category with a sunroof. Constructed with German ingenuity and designed for the open road, the 2015 Eos is the perfect combination of power and sophistication. With beautifully-structured contours and available innovative features like KESSY keyless access with start/stop button you’ve got a car that really makes a statement.




2015 VW Tiguan
A fine blend of responsibly wild! What will it be today? Come down to 407 Rothesay Avenue and test drive yours at Saint John Volkswagen.


2015 VW Passat
The 2015 Passat is a rare breed, for sure. Beneath that sleek, sophisticated exterior lies the most spacious Passat yet. And the interior is loaded with class -leading premium features. Designed and engineered in Germany and built in North America, the Passat represents a new generation in classic sedan design.





2015 VW CC
Refinement is only the beginning. Under the sleek hood is pure performance  and comfort that will take you by surprise. Find out What happens when performance meets luxury at SJ VW.



2015 VW Jetta
With the redesigned Jetta, the price is just as innovative. Good thing that it’s a positively affordable one. Looking at its fluid lines and well-thought-out interior (the best-in-class rear leg room) you might not believe the price tag. Take a Jetta for a test drive in Saint John, and you really won’t believe it.




2015 VW Jetta GLI
Just add racing stripes! The all-new 2015 Jetta GLI is here. But it refuses to sit still. Propelled by a 2.0 TSI turbocharged 200-horsepower engine, this vehicle insists on getting around. The 2015 Jetta GLI boasts serious performance, inspired handling and one aggressive-looking grille.

VW New Vehicle Specials
View the Saint John Volkswagen new vehicle offers. Saint John Volkswagen is located in Saint John, NB and serves as your New Brunswick Volkswagen Dealer. Saint John Volkswagen (VW) is focused on ensuring all customers receive a premium Volkswagen experience. New Volkswagen vehicles offer the best that German engineering has to offer. With our New Vehicle Specials, you can have luxury at a reasonable price. Finance a new Volkswagen vehicle at a low rate, or lease a VW at incredibly affordable rates that you won’t believe. Every month we have new fantastic VW deals for you to choose from. Contact our Saint John sales department to learn more about the Volkswagen New Vehicle Specials you won’t want to miss out on!



Volkswagen Genuine Original Parts
Saint John Volkswagen (VW). Parts department offers all the Volkswagen accessories that you may want to personalize your new Volkswagen in NB. Genuine VW accessories are designed to fit your new Volkswagen with precision and offer the protection or personal touch you may be looking for. VW parts in Canada are durable, last longer and are made with the specification needed for your Volkswagen to operate for its best performance. Check out Saint John Volkswagen's VW parts specials that maybe on special. SJ VW also has plenty of VW merchandise and VW accessories such as Volkswagen all season mats, VW original wiper blades, Bluetooth devices, MP3 players, USB attachments, VW batteries, Volkswagen travel mugs, VW hats, VW Toques, Volkswagen Jackets, spring coats, winter jackets, Volkswagen key chains, (make great gifts) and plenty of other accessories and merchandise! Check out our end of season sales where you can save on merchandise coming off the shelves! Contact Volkswagen Parts Department.

Authorized Volkswagen Service Department and Repair Facility
Maybe a new Volkswagen or a used Volkswagen is not on the agenda.
Saint John VW offers an authorized Volkswagen Service Facility. Our VW Service department offers certified Volkswagen technician to carry out all your Volkswagen Maintenance needs. If it is routine VW maintenance or your need a VW repair facility. Saint John VW Service department will be happy to be your choice for VW maintenance or Volkswagen repair. Any of these repairs will be carried out with Genuine Volkswagen Parts.


   VW Maintenance Timeline
With proper care you can extend your Volkswagen’s life and improve its resale value in NB. Our Factory Recommended Maintenance Timeline allows Volkswagen Owners to find out exactly what their vehicle needs, when it needs it. It also allows potential buyers to find out what maintenance has to be performed on a Volkswagen to ensure its optimum performance, reliability and fuel efficiency. Our service and parts prices, as well as our labour rates are very competitive. Connect with us today!

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